Pits Qimirpik

Inuit Native Artist Pits Qimirpik from Cape Dorset

Cape Dorset

Pits Qimipik was born on July 27, 1986, in Iqaluit. He started carving at thirteen years of age, learning by watching his father, the artist Kelly Qimirpik. He continues to seek the advice and guidance of his father, who encourages him to push his talent and continue to develop his work. Some of his artwork exhibits a reminiscence of the style of his father.

In addition to traditional subjects such as wildlife and aspects of the traditional Inuit culture, Pits also depicts aspects of modern life in the arctic. These sculptures may depict a modern ocean vessel, or a self-conscious representation of aspects of the art-making process itself.

Pits Qimirpik is a promising young artist who is truly dedicated to his art. He continues to advance the art form in new directions like the generations before him.

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Past Works

The artist’s Past Works at our Gallery have now sold; however, a custom order may be possible if the artist is available and accepting commissions.