Pootoogook Qiatsuq

Inuit Native Artist Pootoogook Qiatsuq from Cape Dorset

Cape Dorset

Pootoogook Qiatsuq was born in 1959. His mother is Pudloo Tawkie and his father is Lutka Qiatsuk. He has lived in Cape Dorset, which is where he developed his style. He is recognized as an internationally celebrated artist, having been selected for exhibitions in Canada, the United States, Germany, Belgium and France.

Pootoogook started working with Aoudla Pudlat in the lithography shop, learning his craft through observation. He produced fifty-two prints in eight annual collections, principally in the medium of lithography. Pootoogook, like his father, Lukta Qiatsuk, continued to make sculpture while he was working in the printshop.

– from “In Cape Dorset We Do It This Way: three decades of Inuit printmaking” 1991

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