Quavianaqtuk Pudlat

Quvianaqtuk Pudlat Inuit artist

Cape Dorset

Quvianaqtuk Pudlat was born in 1962 and is the son of Odlureak Pudlat and Ningeosiaq Pudlat, who were both printmaking artists. His grandfather, Simeonie Quppapik, was a well-known artist, printmaker and typographer.

Quvianaqtuk began his career as a sculptor whose carvings of animals and birds were highly respected. In recent years, he has switched his focus drawing and has developed a distinct, naturalistic style. As a hunter and keen observer of nature, he intimately understands the physical characteristics, musculature of movement, and behaviours of Arctic wildlife.

Through his attention to the anatomy and behaviour of animals, Quvianaqtuk has demonstrated tremendous skill as a graphic artist. Despite having no formal training, many believe he will follow in the footsteps of such renowned artists as Kananginak Pootoogook and Tim Pitsiulak.


Image copyright William Ritchie

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