Randy Stiglitz

In 1956, Randy Stglitz was born on the Capilano Reservation, North Vancouver, British Columbia.

 At a young age, Randy began to carve in the early 1970s during a period of cultural resurgence of Northwest coast art.  Although Coast Salish, he was taught the Kwakwaka’wakw style which was considered the most marketable at the time and offered new artists an immediate career as it was in demand by many collectors.

 There was a delay for Coast Salish style to enter the market due to privacy issues and the personal significance of their cultural objects, which had long been protected from outsiders.

When Randy eventually moved to Victoria on Vancouver Island for four years, he spent time studying at the Hunt family studio with John Livingston and Gene Brabant – two acclaimed and significant Kwakwaka’wakw artists who delved deeply into the historic aspects of their art form and translated their studies into contemporary art works.

Since moving to Vancouver to begin his career on a full-time basis, he retains the influences of the Kwakwaka’wakw style in his work.

 His artwork is a part of the permanent display in the Bill Gates Microsoft Collection.  In addition to having published works, he has been included in the private collections of Hollywood actors.

  • Hok Hok Mask

    Randy Stiglitz

    $6,800.00 CAD

    Red Cedar wood, Alder wood, Abalone shell, Cedar bark


    44 x 10.5 x 37 (including bark)

  • Dzunukwa Mask

    Randy Stiglitz

    $2,800.00 CAD

    Alder wood, Copper, Cedar bark, Horse hair, Acrylic paint

    32 x 14.5 x 9.5″ (including hair)

  • Shaman Mask

    Randy Stiglitz

    $5,900.00 CAD

    Alder wood, Cedar bark, Horse hair, Copper, Acrylic paint

  • Crooked Beak Mask

    Randy Stiglitz

    $2,100.00 CAD

    Alder Wood, Acrylic Paint, Cedar Bark

    24 x 10 x 17″

  • Hamatsa Family Mask

    Randy Stiglitz

    $6,800.00 CAD

    Alder wood, Cedar bark, Acrylic paint

  • Dzonokwa Mask

    Randy Stiglitz

    $4,600.00 CAD

    Alder Wood, Acrylic Paint, Horse Hair

    40 x 17 x 12" (including horse hair)