Robert Mills

Northwest Coast Native Artist Robert Mills from Tlingit Nation

Tlingit Nation

Robert Mills calls the Tlingit village of Kaka home, and he has lived his entire life in Southeast, Alaska.  As a Tlingit artist of the Tsaagweidi clan, he creates pieces in wood, metal and canvas.

Deeply rooted in Tlingit culture and the land of his forefathers, Robert’s art both reveres and acknowledges the ancient traditions of the Tlingit and builds upon them.

Over the last decade, he has spent time travelling and learning from leading First Nations artists; from Haida Gwaii Islands to the Sitka on Baranof Island.  His artistic endeavours have been funded through his work in various commercial fisheries, and this self-reliance has enabled him to pursue his dream as an independent artist.

Robert focuses primarily on the meaning of this artworks as much as the aesthetics relating to form and function.

His point of reference is always the grounding power of Tlingit ideology and his heritage – he believes in the connection between land and humans. He supports the continuation of Tlingit language as it facilitates a greater understanding of the people and their historic culture.

I aspire to be my very best for all my ancestors that preceded me and for all the generations to follow me.” – Robert Mills

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The artist’s Past Works at our Gallery have now sold; however, a custom order may be possible if the artist is available and accepting commissions.