Sam Qiatsuk

Inuit Native Artist Sam Qiatsuk from Cape Dorset

Cape Dorset

Sam Qiatsuk is from Cape Dorset, in Nunavut. He has been carving since he was eighteen years old. Qiatsuk has developed a very angular and symmetrical style, making his work very distinctive.

While he began carving professionally in his late teens, Qiatsuk has been exposed to the art from a very young age through his father. He learned carving simply from watching his father work. He is now considered one of the preeminent carvers of the younger generation. As a result, he is able to support his family through his artwork.

Qiatsuk prefers to work in serpentine and antler – materials indigenous to his home. Out of this stone he carves mostly birds, owls, and inukshuks.

The artists from the area of Cape Dorset are known for carving serpentine stone, often depicting Arctic wildlife in more-or-less naturalistic postures. The work from this area is similar to that found in Cape Dorset.

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