Shirley Stanley

Shirley Stanley is a Haida jewelry artist from the westcoast of British Columbia, Canada

Shirley was born on July 21st, 1965 in Kitwancool (Gitanyow) located north of Smithers in British Columbia, Canada. She is a member of the Gitksan nation, a group that inhabits the northern region of the province. She takes the Owl as her family crest symbol.

In 1983, Shirley began carving cedar wood and then in 1986 progressed to engraving silver and gold. She learned the basics of carving from Murphy Stanley, Murphy Stanley Jr. and from Virgil Stanley. Making Northwest Coast native artwork came naturally to Shirley since she was surrounded by artists most of her life who greatly influenced and motivated her to attempt her own artwork.

Currently, Shirley resides in Terrance, BC, where she mainly uses silver, gold and copper as her media. On occasion, she travels down to Vancouver with her husband Virgil Stanley, who is himself an artist of Nisga’a descent.

Shirley is one of the few women carving today. She is preserving her heritage through her traditional carving style so that collectors may understand the differences between her cultural style and other coastal styles.

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