Terrence Campbell

Northwest Coast Native Artist Terrence Campbell from Tahltan Nation

Tahltan Nation

Terrence Campbell was born October 11th, 1956 in Telegraph Creek, British Columbia located near Terrace in the northern part of the province.

He is a member of the Tahltan Nation which inhabits the northern portion of British Columbia, slightly in from the coast.

Terrence began training in Northwest Coast Native art in 1977 under prominent carvers Demsey Bob and, his sister, Dale Campbell. First and foremost he studied the art of carving cedar wood, then progressed to carving silver and gold and in the last five years, he perfected his design skills in his custom clothing line. As well, in his spare time, Terrence has produced silk-screened prints, which he has refined through his years of experience.

An accomplished wood carver, Terrence has his work as far away as Hong Kong, where he and his sister, Dale, both carved a thirty foot totem pole for the first Canadian Festival in 1991. Terrence carves masks, bowls and spoons, as well. His jewelry is both deeply etched and traditionally designed.

As a versatile artist, Terrence is recognized for his depth of carving, unique style and refinement in his artwork.

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