Tyson Brown

Northwest Coast Native Artist Tyson Brown from Haida Nation

Haida Nation

Tyson Brown was born on Haida Gwaii and raised in the community of Skidegate.

He grew up with Haida art and developed a passion for creating it as a teen. Tyson has been designing two-dimensional formline compositions for more than a decade and has recently expanded into wood and metal mediums.

Tyson enjoys creating pieces that stem from the histories and stories of his people as well as pieces that are inspired by his interpretation of current events or observations on life. He has worked under various Haida artists including Jim Hart, Billy Bellis, Jaalen Edenshaw, and Guujaaw.

Currently living in White Rock, Tyson is engaged in an apprenticeship with renowned Haida artist Robert Davidson. People who inspire Tyson include his late grandfathers Billy Stevens and Bill Reid, Albert Edward Edenshaw, Charles Edenshaw and his aforementioned mentors. He looks forward to steadily expanding on his understanding and expression of Haida art.

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  • k’​aa​x​ada aw​g​a (Shark)

    Tyson Brown

    $400.00 CAD

    Serigraph, Edition of 95



    (For inquiries on custom framing, please contact the gallery)

    I’ve always been fascinated by sharks – they are beautiful and intimidating at the same time. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, I was thinking about our tendency to fear the things we don’t understand. However, if we ​do ​ take the time to understand these things, fear often transforms into respect. And respect is a much healthier emotion to carry around. Minimizing the fear in our lives allows us to evolve and grow more honestly and freely. If we have respect for the potentially dangerous things in our lives, instead of fear of them, we will be able to experience a richer version of life.” – Tyson Brown, 2020