Victor Michael West

Victor Michael West is of Tlingit, Cree and Irish ancestry and currently resides in Vancouver, BC.

Victor's life began on a Yukon trap line. Seasonally nomadic, his family travelled consistently, to and from the Yukon and Edmonton and on to Forestburg, with summers on the west coast of Vancouver Island at Toquaht Bay. When his family setted down, Victor continued to travel and spent most of his time in the bush, exploring the Kananaskis Valley, the Rocky Mountains and the foot hills. As a young adult he circled back to the Yukon and then to the west coast where he prefers to be. His awareness of his ancestry grew from his experiences during his extensive travels.

While preferring red and  yellow cedar, Victor works in many different mediums. His work depicts images of Eagle, Raven, Killerwhale, Wolf and others together with smaller salmon-trout head designs. His carving is inspired by the old Tlingit bentwood boxes.

Although a self-taught artist, Victor credits First Nations masters Bill Reid, Robert and Reg Davidson, Charles Edenshaw and Dempsey Bob with inspiration.

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