• Killerwhale & Raven Spruce Root Hat

    Isabel Rorick RCA

    $24,500.00 CAD

    Spruce Root, Acrylic paint

    Painted by Isabel’s brother, Alfred Adams

    Spiderweb pattern

  • Moon Pendant

    Gwaai Edenshaw

    $13,200.00 CAD

    22K Yellow Gold, Abalone shell, Cast
    Edition of 9

  • 82. Frog Basket

    Isabel Rorick RCA

    $12,800.00 CAD

    Spruce root, Acrylic paint

    Hand-painted by Alfred Adams (Isabel’s brother)

    3.25 x 4.5 x 4.5″

    Isabel Rorick comes from a long line of weavers, including her great-grandmother Isabella Edenshaw; her grandmother, Selina Peratrovich; her mother, Primrose Adams, and her Aunt, Delores Churchill. Using the Haida language of form, Isabel incorporates many traditional designs into her baskets and hats, like that of the dragonfly, raven’s tail, and spider web or slug trail.

  • Hawk Moon Pendant

    Rick Adkins

    $12,720.00 CAD

    22K Yellow Gold, Abalone shell, Cast
    Edition of 12

  • Raven with Light Feast Bowl

    Lionel Samuels

    $12,600.00 CAD

    Argillite, Abalone shell

    Lionel Samuels’ Raven with Light Feast Bowl is a stunning example of his workmanship in argillite. He created the feast bowl in the form of a Raven, embellished with inlays of abalone shell. Lionel takes the Raven, revered as the hero, creator, trickster and transformer, as his family crest symbol. This feast bowl is a beautiful tribute to the important crest figure.

  • Gagiid Mask

    Reg Davidson

    $11,200.00 CAD

    Red Cedar wood, Yellow Cedar wood, Acrylic paint, Horse hair

    Gagiid is a wild, otherworldly creature who has been transformed through a traumatic maritime experience. Some believe that he can be found lurking on the forest edge and near streams, collecting the souls of the drowned and trying to persuade unwitting humans to eat his ghostly food, causing them to become otherworldly like him. However, it is not all doom and gloom – as with any transformation, it is possible for Gagiid to be tamed and re-enter the human world again.

  • Dogfish Berry Basket

    Merle Andersen

    $10,800.00 CAD

    Cedar Bark, Acrylic paint

    Painted by Alfred Adams

    Merle is a Haida Weaver and Regalia artist from Haida Gwaai, BC, Canada. San’laa gudgaang is her Haida name and Yaguu’janaas is the name of her affiliated clan. She uses Cedar Bark, Spruce Root, and Sewn Regalia as her mediums. Merle’s grandmother, Isabella Edenshaw, and mother, Florence Davidson, were both weavers, while her grandfather, Charles Edenshaw, was a master carver, and her father, Robert Davidson Sr., was a carver in his own right. Merle received her traditional training under her mother and two of her sisters, as well as under Haida weavers April and Holly Churchill.

  • Haida Lineage Pole – 6ft

    Geoff Greene

    $9,800.00 CAD

    Glass, etched and sandblasted, Edition of 45

    Natural Maple wood or Stainless steel base

    Exclusive to Coastal Peoples Fine Arts Gallery

    The interplay between tradition and innovation is the premise for this contemporary totem pole.  While cedar wood predominates, noted Haida artist Geoff Greene has applied his foresight in designing traditional Haida motifs in the contemporary medium of glass.  It makes a strong visual statement with its structured Haida form line, yet the translucent nature of the glass softens the composition, clearly defining the progression of Haida art.  From the top, the Eagle is portrayed perched, with the Raven and Moon following. The Eagle signifies peace and friendship, while the Raven is the folk hero who created the Moon, stars and the universe. The Bear, at the base of the totem, is a close relative to mankind known to share both human and animal traits.




  • Lazy Son-in-Law Box

    Gryn White

    $8,800.00 CAD

    Argillite, Mastodon Ivory, 14K Yellow Gold, Abalone shell

  • Shaman Sculpture

    Gryn White

    $8,600.00 CAD

    Argillite, Catlinite, Abalone shell

    Shamans, or Medicine Men & Women, were typically a chief of the village or a person of high-ranking stature who followed the directions given by their spirit helper.