• Northwest Coast Indian Art: An Analysis of Form

    Bill Holm


    An important contribution to the fields of art and anthropology, Holm’s work is a genuinely analytical study of the basic elements of form which characterizes a particular aboriginal art style.

    Published: 50th Anniversary Edition, 2015


    Bill Holm passed away on December 16, 2020 at the age of 95.

  • Eagle Amulet

    Jesse Brillon

    Price upon request

    20K Gold, Abalone; Repousse, Chased

    2.5 x 2 x 1″ (including bale)

    Jesse Brillon’s Eagle Amulet is cast in 20K gold and ornately inlayed with exquisite blue, green and purple hued abalone shells. This amulet illuminates ancient mythology and tradition. This contemporized work provides a visual reference to one of the most notable beings in First Nations art and culture: the Eagle.

    Steeped in tradition, this masterfully carved work provides depth, grace and stature beyond the presented image. Jesse Brillon’s Eagle Pendant pays homage to the tradition of nature and the interconnection between all living creatures.

  • Raven Ladle

    Russell Smith


    Ivory, Abalone, Sterling silver, engraved

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    Spoons and ladles were traditionally made from either cedar wood or the horn of a mountain sheep, and their handles were carved with family crest images. Historically, these exquisitely sculptured objects were primarily created by people in Northern Nations, and were highly sought after by other nations. During potlatches [festive gatherings], cedar ladles decorated with the hosting family’s crests were used to serve food, while the elaborately carved mountain sheep spoons were distributed as gifts among the many guests.

    Today, spoon and ladle productions are based on these traditional objects and are meant to be both objects of function and display. In addition to traditional mediums such as cedar wood, goat or mountain sheep horn, many modern-day spoons and ladles are constructed of gold, silver and pewter.