• Berry-Style Basket

    Isabel Rorick RCA

    $5,200.00 CAD

    Plain twining

    Spruce root, Four bands of dyed root

    Featured in the 2009 exhibition – Haida Masterworks: the ancestral spirit lives on

    Isabel Rorick comes from a long line of weavers, including her great-grandmother Isabella Edenshaw; her grandmother, Selina Peratrovich; her mother, Primrose Adams, and her Aunt, Delores Churchill. Using the Haida language of form, Isabel incorporates many traditional designs into her baskets and hats, like that of the dragonfly, raven’s tail, and spider web or slug trail.

  • Hawk Moon Pendant

    Vernon Joseph White

    $1,600.00 CAD

    Argillite, Abalone Shell, Sterling Silver, Mastodon ivory

    The Hawk takes its place in the supernatural spiritual world, inspiring unique designs for masks, rattles and jewelry. For the Haida Nation, it was used to represent the Thunderbird. Often associated with the Sun, the Hawk can be distinguished by its curled beak which curves to meet the tip of the lower jaw.

    When the Raven brought light to the world, some versions of the legend say that it was the Hawk who made the Raven drop the box so it opened, releasing the Sun, Moon and Stars into the Universe.

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  • “Getting Things Right” Cockleshell Rattle Amulet with Hat Stand

    Gwaai Edenshaw

    Price upon request

    22K Yellow Gold, Platinum, Abalone shell, Cast, Engraved
    Includes Skil Hat Stand; Yew wood, Brass
    Edition 1 of 3

    5.25″ x 2.75″ x 2.75″ (including stand)

  • Eagle Transforming: The Art of Robert Davidson

    Ulli Steltzer & Robert Davidson

    $45.00 CAD

    Robert Davidson’s own words, combined with Ulli Steltzer’s photo documentation, give readers a rich visual survey of the inspirations and achievements of the artist.

    Published in 1994


  • Dogfish Berry Basket

    Merle Andersen

    $10,800.00 CAD

    Cedar Bark, Acrylic paint

    Painted by Alfred Adams

    Merle is a Haida Weaver and Regalia artist from Haida Gwaai, BC, Canada. San’laa gudgaang is her Haida name and Yaguu’janaas is the name of her affiliated clan. She uses Cedar Bark, Spruce Root, and Sewn Regalia as her mediums. Merle’s grandmother, Isabella Edenshaw, and mother, Florence Davidson, were both weavers, while her grandfather, Charles Edenshaw, was a master carver, and her father, Robert Davidson Sr., was a carver in his own right. Merle received her traditional training under her mother and two of her sisters, as well as under Haida weavers April and Holly Churchill.

  • Beaver Fish Bowl

    Derek J. White

    $8,000.00 CAD

    Sterling Silver; Repousse, Engraved

    Derek White’s extraordinary Beaver & Eagle Fish Bowl, created in the traditional Haida form and utilizing the ancient technique of repousse to add dimension, demonstrates his articulate master carving and artistry skills. Containers such as bowls were traditionally created out of Cedar or Alder wood and utilized in daily life. The chosen medium of silver serves as a contemporary progression of this ancient art form while illustrating the intricate foundational links which combine cultural heritage with the arts.

  • ‘Tsung’ Haida Beaver Mask

    Lyle Campbell

    $4,900.00 CAD

    Yellow cedar wood, Abalone shell, bark

    Beavers are creative, artistic, determined, and industrious. Well known for their industriousness and building skills, they are a common inhabitant throughout the Northwest Coast region.


  • Haida Eagle Pole

    Geoff Greene


    Glass, Etched and Sandblasted, 20K Gold Leaf, Edition of 57

    Glass thickness 12mm

    Exclusive to Coastal Peoples Fine Arts Gallery – currently available by custom order only – please ask us for details

    Geoff Greene’s Haida Eagle Totem pays tribute to an important symbol and crest figure to the Haida nation. Created in the contemporary medium of glass, the Haida Eagle Totem celebrates traditional design within a luminous setting that speaks to the evolution of the classic Haida form.

    The Eagle is respected for its intelligence and power as well as its vision both figurative and literal; it claims both honor and a high stature. The Eagle Clan is traditionally the most prominent family and the Eagle Chief the most powerful chief. Although revered as a powerful hunter, the Eagle’s feathers are considered sacred. Traditionally, Shamans believed that Eagle feathers possessed healing powers and thus used them in various ceremonial and ritual contexts; today these feathers are still strewn to welcome an honored guest.

    Geoff Greene’s beautifully etched and sandblasted Haida Eagle Totem employs the magnificent translucent nature of glass in its finish along with the accent of gold leaf to provide additional depth and interest within this unique work. Masterly created, this piece blends ancient animal symbolism within a stylized contemporary form and demonstrates how many artists are setting themselves apart through their unique concepts.

    Available with Stainless steel or Natural Maple wood base.