Patrick Leach

Pottery by Patrick Leach Indigenous Interior Salish Artist

Interior Salish Nation

Patrick Leach is from the St’át’imc First Nation Territory. Raised in T’ít’q’et community near Lillooet B.C. he is of the P’egpig’7lha (Frog) clan.

Patrick’s began with photography as his first induction in the art world.  Having left his home and family, Patrick moved to Courtney BC where he received his photography certificate from North Island College. While there, Patrick learned the theory and practice in capturing critical elements of light, timing, weather, emotion and people. Combining this with pure heart and soul he is able to capture the full life and spirit of the moment on camera. His pictures tell a story that draws a viewer in as though they themselves had been in the moment when the photo was taken.

His art has caught the attention of magazines such as Red Skin and Say where some of his photos were later debuted. He has also had the honour of photographing local artist and brother, George Leach, leading to the timeless shot that now graces the back of George’s first CD.

Once college was completed, Patrick was not yet ready to go out on his own and still felt something was missing.  For the next 9 years Patrick returned to his career with BC Forests working with the Seton Lake Unit Crew.  During that time, he focused on nature photography from the perspective and eyes of an on-scene fire fighter.

His introduction to pottery happened in 2008 when he took one of the biggest leaps of faith in his life.  Patrick began to work under the mentorship of Matthew Jacob, a well known BC based aboriginal photographer. During this time of dramatic change and transition, he began working on his second artistic love: pottery – a medium not found in Northwest Coast art.

Under the close eye of Erdman Tuemp, a local pottery master, Patrick has learned how to combine the processes and styles of both Erdman and renowned Kwakwaka’wakw artist Steve Smith.  Drawing from his creative mind and steady hand Patrick places the final touches by carefully carving landscapes, geometrical designs and scenes from ancient traditional rock paintings and basket weaving. Each piece is a one of a kind creation.

All of Patrick Leach’s pottery is handmade (porcelain) then hand-carved.  Some of the pottery is carved on the inside and several have glazes (two firing for the glaze on the inside) and all pots have a clear glaze on the outside.

As an emerging artist, Patrick Leach’s new earthly style is quickly becoming recognized for its beauty, fine finishing, and intricate designs.  These individualistic creations will easily become much sought-after as his career continues to progress.

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