Gallery Services

Artwork on spec

Whenever you’re unsure whether a piece of art will be belong in your space or collection, we can assist you.  At Coastal Peoples Gallery, we welcome our local Vancouver and Lower Mainland residents to take home works on approval for a pre-arranged period of time.  More details are available upon request by contacting us at 604.684.9222 or via email.

Art rentals & leasing

Beautifying a space or making a rewarding financial investment can make all the difference to those living or working in your environment.  Whether on a short or long-term basis, Coastal Peoples Gallery offers various options to Rent or Lease-to-Own art.  In a corporate office space, leasing art can provide beneficial tax advantages.  For a professional consultation or more details, please contact us here or call us at 604.684.9222.

Consignment sales

When considering refreshing or relinquishing a piece in your collection, or perhaps you’ve inherited a collection, our specialists can assist in determining whether your piece can be consigned at Coastal Peoples Gallery.  Your artwork will be displayed in our gallery space and online for an agreed period of time so perspective buyers have the opportunity to view your work and be informed by our gallery associates.  Any costs associated with shipping items to the gallery for consignment purposes are to be paid by the consignor and not the gallery. For inquiries on our competitive fee and terms, please contact us at 604.684.9222 or via email.

Estate + Private Collections

If you have a First Nations or Inuit estate or private art collection available for re-sale, our Gallery would love to have a conversation with you regarding consignment opportunities with us. Please inquire here for further details.

Framing services

Once you’ve chosen a piece from our fine art collection, it’s now time to consider customized framing to make it complete.  For small miniatures, our framing specialist can offer shadow boxes.  For originals, serigraphs, giclees or other types of graphics, we offer very select options using the finest techniques to ensure the art retains its original state.

Framing services are typically completed within 14 business days due to its complexity – longer wait times may be experienced depending upon the time of year (ie. holiday season).

Engraved plaques are available for Corporate gifts as well as shipping services, and additional fees/costs will apply.  Turnaround times depend upon each individual request.

For inquiries or price quotes, please contact us at 604.684.9222 or via email.

Inquiries & advice

No obligation inquiries and advice – the gallery welcomes any inquiries on First Nations and/or Inuit art and culture – our mission is to provide you with the best experience possible through the sharing of our knowledge and expertise.

For more details, please contact our Fine Art Consultant via email.

For inquiries on the value of your First Nations artworks or collection, please visit our Appraisals page here.

Installation services

For local Vancouver and Lower Mainland residents, we offer placement with professional installation of your latest artwork acquisition from our gallery.  Depending upon the piece and your location, a fee may or may not be charged. For more details, please contact us at 604.684.9222 or via email.

Wedding registry

Coastal Peoples Gallery offers a fine selection of artworks that can be chosen for a Wedding Registry and paid by guests on an individual or group basis.  More details are available by contacting us at 604.684.9222 or via email with your inquiries.

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