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A Journey to the Arctic 2004

Upon discovering the rich and symbolic art of the Inuit inhabiting the high arctic region of Canada, one can easily understand the intense connection between man, animal and environment. The vastness of the landscape nurtures all of its inhabitants by offering a freedom to roam the land and to utilize its natural resources for a pure nomadic lifestyle.

Today, with the development of communities, cultural and artistic preservation has been able to flourish over the course of generations. It is in these small settlements that Inuit carvers wield their tools on stone, whalebone, ivory and antler and traditional stories emerge from tapestries, graphics and basketry.

The strong development of regional styles sets each sculpture apart and tells the story of the deep connection the Inuit have with the spirit world, the animals and the land. We are pleased to showcase a superb collection, from the Northwest Territories and the Territory of Nunavut, reaffirming these diverse artistic styles. A selection of communities is presented for their distinction and leaves a lasting impression beckoning the viewer to embrace the symbolic content.

Join us on A Journey to the Arctic and experience the brilliance of this talented group of artists.

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