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Arctic Wind: an expression of naturalism 2008

Opened April 19, 2008

Cape Dorset, situated along the Southwestern tip of Baffin Island, is Canada's most well known and vibrant Inuit art producing community with a strong focus on sculpting, drawing and printmaking. The most intriguing part of Dorset culture is its art. Imaginative and inspiring, it evokes the artist's personal narrative of Arctic life. For many years, the artists have felt the freedom to explore beyond realistic depictions and create works that are more personalized in imagery, meduim, expression and style. Images are rendered with a crisp naturalism, illustrating wildlife, mystical figures and the influence of their spiritual beliefs. Often simplistic in nature, they can be dramatic, bold and flamboyant. The sophisticated execution in shape and form comes from discipline, individual experience and the mentorship of their elders. Coastal Peoples is pleased to present these contemporary works in association with this talented group of artists that share a trememdous sense of community.

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