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Beyond the Grain: A Group Exhibition of Masterworks 2003

Beyond the Grain explores the deep-rooted and culturally rich carving traditions of British Columbia's Northwest Coast First Nations. Genuinely expressive images reveal themselves to interplay with the wood's natural elements telling of ancestral notion and wisdom. In this group exhibition of masterworks, the noted contributing artists each demonstrate a strong personal style as they explore new carving techniques and concepts to realize their own contemporary creations.

Beyond the Grain introduces a diverse and significant collection, integrating both the miniature and the monumental in scale. The grain of the wood reveals itself through the carved images capturing the essence of a thriving First Nation's culture.

We are pleased to showcase masterworks by the following contributing artists: Dale Campbell, Philip Janze, Kevin Cranmer, Shawn Karpes, Henry Green, Tim Paul, Chuck Peter Heit, Susan A. Point, Bradley Hunt, Norman Tait, Ed Bryant, Lucinda Turner, Ron Telek, and Reg Davidson.

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