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Corrine Hunt: Resilience 2019

Opened March 16 through to April 26, 2019

Interview video with Corrine Hunt (click on Read More first):

Resilience: through laughter

Resilience is one of the most important aspects in our lives, and Corrine Hunt’s experience with adversity takes us on a personal path through her latest exhibition “Resilience: through laughter” (video interview with Corrine is shown above).

Laughter can often be an antidote – the art of coping – with life’s circumstances that challenge our very being. In facing these challenges, Corrine pushed through with grace, perseverance and strength to give new purpose and pleasure to her art form.

Da’lalan – I laugh
“I remember learning how to laugh out loud during one of the darkest times of my life. It was a gift of light, opening my eyes to the curious dynamics that make up the life of a kid from the reservation who landed in the city, the sounds of drums from home and the street fair in the big smoke. I learned to laugh at myself more than anything – wasn’t I a silly know-it-all.
The subject matter of this show is laughter, an opportunity to let go of the anger and negativity in the world right now, and explore the other side. The other side of cedar, the flip side of silver, what happens when we combine disparate media into playful art.
I love what I do, I do what I love and all the while, I laugh.”

By re-framing her experience, she lightened up and now embraces life joyfully. She infuses feelings of delight and happiness into her creations by being completely herself, which is demonstrated through this Resilience collection with new ideas and concepts. Corrine’s palate of bright colours and signature use of organic shapes and reclaimed materials incorporated into her rustic, naturalistic designs in wood and metals speaks to the reinvention of herself, her traditions, and her personal revitalization.

She expresses this positivity through her art in the hope that others will be inspired in meaningful ways. The healing nature of laughter combined with artistic creativity cultivates a feeling of gratitude that Corrine shares with us all.

While Corrine considers herself to be more of a designer than artist, she’s dedicated to continuously refreshing traditional forms in multi-media. Her cultural community – the Kwakwaka’wakw – supports her forward-thinking ideas with great respect which is why she is more in her element than ever before.

Join us in celebrating and honouring Corrine Hunt’s transformation through courageous optimism that has brought her to this new place in life.

Artist commissions available through Coastal Peoples Gallery – contact us for complete details.

More new arrivals coming from the artist.


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