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Niijangaa: Haida Masterworks II 2013

Niijangaa: Haida Masterworks II illustrates how a new generation of artists can emerge from the shadows of their predecessors.  Niijangaa – meaning ‘art’ or the ‘likeness of’ in the Haida language according to artist and cultural advocate Christian White – is the second installment of masterworks in the exhibition series and a continuation of the gallery’s original exhibition from 2009.

This inspiring collection acknowledges the progression and expansive interpretation of cultural traditions and narratives that shape Haida art and culture in the present day.

The collection features over 100 works from new emerging second-generation artists such as Ben  Davidson (son of Robert Davidson), Kyran Yeomans (son of Don Yeomans), Vernon White (son of Christian White), Marcel Russ (son of Ron Russ), and Robin Rorick (son of Isabel Rorick) and others; as well as master-artisans Jim Hart, Christian White, Darrell White, Isabel Rorick, Don Yeomans, Reg Davidson, Rick Adkins, Gerry Marks, Jay Simeon, Lyle Campbell, Ron Russ, April White and more.

Media includes Argillite, Yellow Cedar wood, Red Cedar wood, Spruce Root, Sterling Silver, Gold, Serigraphs, Cast Forton and more.

Coastal Peoples Gallery extends our gratitude to the contributing group of talented artists whose enduring creations continue to deepen our appreciation of and respect for their thriving culture.

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