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Gyuujuu hlaa: Haida Masterworks III 2017

Opened November 25, 2017 through to January 5, 2018

GYUUJUU HLAA: Haida Masterworks III

This captivating exhibition illustrates the great importance of listening amongst the Haida and how their artform is an extension of the Potlatch where communication was an essential element in ceremony and critical to the continuation of their oral cultural heritage.

In the Haida language, Gyuujuu hlaa simply means “listen” and it is meant to invoke everyone’s undivided attention.  Through the artists’ creations they visually express centuries-old legends and mythologies, as well as the places they are connected to, by illustrating stories you can ‘hear’ while reflecting upon the artform.

Artists create with the concept of oral preservation in mind, and innovative techniques and concepts inspire new ideas and manipulations that contemporize traditional ways of expression.

In the third installment of our Haida Masterworks exhibition series, continuing shifts in style and form line are showcased through functional and decorative objects. The use of multimedia enriches many artworks by adding dimension, depth and juxtaposition; although not historically explored, it is evident in the works of Fred Davis who is considered the exception. His creations were ahead of their time and have influenced many new generation artists. Through his inspiration, it broke the ground for those with the confidence to push beyond the traditional.

It is our great honor and privilege to feature exclusive works by famed artist Bill Reid, brothers Robert and Reg Davidson, cousins Christian and Darrell White as well as father and son Don and Kyran Yeomans who strongly communicate a voice and vision through their uniquely individual ideas and mastery.  The next generation of talent, such as Ben Davidson and Jay Simeon, speaks volumes to reaching beyond expectations as they explore new directions.

Coastal Peoples Gallery wishes to express their gratitude to this remarkable group of gifted artists who continue to deepen our appreciation of and respect for their thriving culture.

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Coastal Peoples Fine Arts Gallery

November 25, 2017


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