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Transcendence: a decade in perspective 2006

Opened September 16, 2006

A major milestone has been reached since Coastal Peoples' inception in 1996. To celebrate this momentus occasion, the most extensive and impressive catalogue exhibition to date will be on display at the gallery.

Transcendence is the culmination of a decade of different perspectives, from the artists to the gallery curator to the collectors themselves who each view an individual piece with their own interpretation. This exemplifies the diverse nature of creation, appreciation and acquisition of First Nations art as it continues to flourish throughout British Columbia's coastal nations.

This multifaceted 10th Anniversary collection has been assembled to demonstrate the rich diversity of mediums, styles and artistry by acclaimed artisans, such as Susan Point, Norman Tait, Christian White, Henry Green, Ron Telek and introducing the jewelry of Rick Adkins.

Major works in this group exhibition will feature master carvers alongside a new generation influenced by their work in an effort to highlight the progression and preservation of this spiritual and significant art form.  An art form that transcends into an oral language that speaks of tradition, heritage and cultural ideaology.

Making a mark as Yaletown's primary First Nations gallery, Coastal peoples has earned a reputation as a must-see destination for international and locals alike. The past decade has yielded a multitude of close relationships with artists and collectors, and the next decade will continue the gallery's commitment to presenting some of the finest artisans and their artwork to the public.

What began a decade ago as a passion has brought the rewards of great friendships as well as a magnificent collection of First Nations artistry.

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