• Fisherman

    Paul Malliki

    Price upon request
    Steatite, Caribou Antler

  • Raven Looking Back (Raven with Light) Sculpture

    Christian White

    Price upon request
    Argillite, Catlinite, Mother of Pearl, Abalone shell

  • Qolun (Beaver) Totem Pole

    Lyle Wilson

    Price upon request

    Yellow Cedar wood, Acrylic paint

    This stunning pole was inspired by the story of how the Beaver Clan came to be part of the Haisla Nation. Each figure depicted on the pole represents an important episode in the journey that the characters in the story take. From top to bottom, the figures being depicted include a squirrel, a halibut, a giant man that is holding an otter, and two beavers.

    This particular Haisla story is quite old, and Lyle is one of the few individuals who still knows all of the details. The pole is Lyle’s contemporary portrayal of the tale, which pays tribute to the ancient family connections between the present-day Haisla and their neighbors.

  • Drumming Sedna

    Bart Hanna

    $3,840.00 CAD


    As goddess of the ocean, Sedna sets strict rules about the proper way to treat the animals of the hunt, which the Inuit require for sustenance. This includes proper treatment of the animals’ spirit when killed for food. If she feels the rules have been broken, she cuts off the supply of food. When this happens, the Inuit tribal shaman is required to take a mystical journey to the bottom of the ocean to speak to the goddess. It is considered the most dangerous journey an Inuit shaman is called upon to make.

    Upon arrival at the bottom of the sea the shaman is required to comb Sedna’s hair, because Sedna has no fingers to comb it herself, and to find out what the tribe has done wrong that the food has been cut off. The shaman then makes a deal with Sedna, promising that if the tribe corrects whatever transgressions it has made, the goddess will return their food supply. The shaman then returns to the tribe with the list of things the goddess requires to be done to get the food back.

  • Raven & Frog Totem Pole

    Don Yeomans

    Price upon request

    Red Cedar Wood

    For inquiries on totem pole commissions, please click here.

  • Thoughts of Birds Sculpture

    Kiugak Ashoona RCA

    $6,500.00 CAD


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