Curator’s Choice

Mentors – Curator’s Choice Summer 2023

For generations, mentoring has been the cornerstone of a thriving First Nations arts community.  This summer, we’re highlighting the traditional practices of apprenticeship amongst the artists that continue today. Our current focus is on the relationships and teachings between Moy Sutherland and his talented proteges Guy Louie Jr. and Dawson Matilpi. Born in 1974, Moy grew up immersed in his culture
Pacific Northwest Coast Native Artist Adonis David sitting his his wheel chair showing one of his hummingbird acrylic paintings

Adonis David – Curator’s Choice Spring 2023

As cherry blossoms decorate the trees and winter becomes a faint memory on the cobblestone streets of Gastown, a new season ushers in a wave of excitement and fresh talent to be shared with the world. Our latest fave is Adonis David, who is a new-generation artist belonging to an impressive lineage of esteemed artists.   His grandfather is master carver

Margaret August – Curator’s Choice Winter 2023

ART AS IDENTITY As you stand before any work of art, the voice and identity of the artist embrace your senses with open arms. Art and identity are intertwined in a dance that has been performed by humanity since the first artisans formed the wondrous natural world into media. Margaret August is one such artist. Born in the unceded Lekwungen and
Robert Davidson Haida Modern

Robert Davidson – Curator’s Choice Fall 2022

ART AS LANGUAGE In the vibrant language of Pacific Northwest Coast art, Robert Davidson RCA is renowned as a distinguished storyteller. The importance of oral traditions to the Haida people and their culture is evident in Robert’s use of lore and myth throughout the many mediums he has gifted to the world. As Robert states, “Art was one
Curator's Choice Trace Yeomans artist Haida Ukrainian

Trace Yeomans – Curator’s Choice Summer 2022

"In the past, I have done a lot of pieces that reflect on my lineage and culture. I am very proud of my heritages and find interesting. I am constantly trying to combine both Haida and Ukrainian aspects of my culture into my life." - Trace Yeomans Originally, Trace Yeomans began designing with her husband Don
Moy Sutherland Indigenous Native artist

Moy Sutherland – Curator’s Choice Spring 2022

“For me, the meaning of life is to learn of and understand my cultural surroundings, so that this knowledge can be preserved and used in everyday life. Like our elders before us passed this knowledge on, so must we to our descendants. In this manner, respect becomes an integral part of life, respect for everything.  I draw my knowledge and
Joe David Nuu-chah-nulth Indigenous artist

Joe David – Curator’s Choice Winter 2022

“I do it out of respect for the ancestors, so that the heart, soul and spirit of their art lives on.” - Joe David In 1975, Joe realized that he needed to leave Seattle, where his parents had moved when he was younger, and to return 'home' to British Columbia so he could follow in the footsteps of his ancestors.
Carpenter mask by Robert Saunders Nuxalk Nation

Robert Saunders – Curator’s Choice Fall 2021

“I must have been seven years old when another carver pressed a knife in my hand and helped me carve a pole in the townsite. It’s hereditary, my ancestors were master builders. When my eldest son was a baby, I put woodchips in his basket. Now he’s creating masterpieces.” - Robert Saunders Being primarily a self-taught artist, Robert follows in
Before there was Light Bracelet by Native Artist Gus Cook

Gus Cook – Curator’s Choice Summer 2021

Being accomplished in the ancient art of repousse - an old European metalworking technique - has garnered quite a reputation for Gus Cook and his exceptional jewelry. He acquired his proficiency with this technique through cousin and mentor Rande Cook who studied it in Italy and New York, and then brought it home to ultimately share and pass on to
Doug David Northwest Coast Native Indigenous Artist

Douglas David – Curator’s Choice Spring 2021

Doug David's love for creating art has been primarily inspired by his ancestral spirits and, from the beginning, this has consumed his life. Since Doug is a descendant of Nuu-Chah-Nulth, Dakota and Sioux nations, he has a myriad of styles and colours to access in making his masks, panels, paddles, boxes, rattles and bowls. This unusual combination of cultural
Eugene Alfred, Native artist, Northern Tutchone Tlingit

Eugene Alfred – Curator’s Choice Winter 2021

Being a part of a multi-generational family of Northern Tutchone and Tlingit artists, from beadworkers to draftsmen, Eugene Alfred has established himself as a masterful carver and elegant illustrator. His work approaches Northwest Coast forms with a contemporary “postmodern pulse,” while utilizing traditional methods of tool-making, wood harvesting, and curing. Born in Mayo, Yukon, in 1970, Eugene is a member
Kelly Robinson Nuu-Chan-Nulth artist

Kelly Robinson – Curator’s Choice Fall 2020

As a descendant of Nuxalk and Nuu-Chan-Nulth nations, artist Kelly Robinson from Bella Coola is garnering attention for his fine jewelry and wood carving designs that are inspired by his dual heritage. Recently awarded a scholarship by YVR Art Foundation in 2019, Kelly was selected in the Mid-Career Artists category and given $5,000 to attend a school of art, work

Alvin Mack – Curator’s Choice Summer 2020

Ask Alvin Mack to reflect on his life and you will get a very candid tale of hardship, personal struggles and the deep-rooted desire to create meaningful art and from that, a meaningful life. “I left Bella Coola at 17 and I swore I was never coming back,” Mack recalls. “It wasn’t always easy, I had no confidence, no self-esteem
bc achievement foundation, first nations art awards bc

Gus Cook – Curator’s Choice Spring 2020

In November 2019, Gus Cook received the Fulmer Award in First Nations Art from the BC Achievement Foundation in Vancouver. From an early age, Gus was given encouragement from both his parents to strive towards his goals, be proud of his cultural heritage, and be mindful of his surroundings. He has been influenced by both of his cousins, Rande Cook and

Henry Green – Curator’s Choice Winter 2020

As a recent recipient of the Fulmer Award in First Nations art from the BC Achievement Foundation, Henry Green has achieved a lifetime of recognition for his contribution to Tsimshian arts and culture. A vast and exemplary collection of artworks has been created by Henry over a lengthy career and he has established himself as a "master " in carving

Robert Davidson RCA – Curator’s Choice Fall 2019

Multiple award-winning artist Robert Davidson, now starring in the film doc 'Haida Modern' at the VIFF (Vancouver International Film Festival) as of October 1st, is one of Canada's most esteemed and respected contemporary First Nations artists. Born in Massett on the Haida Gwaii Islands in 1946, he moved to Vancouver in 1965 and soon met Bill Reid in 1966 when

Maynard Johnny Jr. – Curator’s Choice Summer 2019

Maynard Johnny Jr. began drawing at the early age of 6, and it was in his mid-teens that he began to work seriously at developing his natural artistic talents.  Due to his varied life experience, his work takes influence from many nations; however, he primarily blends Coast Salish with Kwakwaka'wakw art forms which result in a unique and contemporary

Christian White – Curator’s Choice Spring 2019

Award-winning and internationally-renowned, Christian White is considered the leading Argillite carver on the westcoast.  Highly influential to other artists, he is respected for his efforts in establishing an apprenticeship program and leading the future direction of Haida art. "The woodcarving is more about giving back to the culture and being with my friends and apprentices, creating the monumental poles and

Lyle Wilson – Curator’s Choice Winter 2019

Lyle Wilson recently gave an artist talk at the gallery and he discussed how he has been incorporating all that he's learned over the years into his collection - "it's taken me forty years to get here". With his immaculate carving style and remarkable attention to detail, his efforts have been unwavering in cultivating the preservation of the Haisla formline

Kevin Cranmer – Curator’s Choice Fall 2018

"My first experience seeing Kwakwaka'wakw art...was with my dad. As a five year old...I recognized the power that these masks and sculptures possessed. This initial experience was first inspiration to learn how to create this art form, to do something I my Dad doing. What inspires me richness and complexity of our peoples' history the

Don Yeomans – Curator’s Choice Summer 2018

"Culture has to expand...Culture is inclusive; it is not trapped in one period of history that was your glory days." Born in Prince Rupert, Don has dual ancestry with a Haida father from Masset on the Haida Gwaii Islands and a Metis mother from Slave Lake, Alberta. This unusual mix in nationality has given his work a unique vision and
Ben Davidson, Haida, artist

Ben Davidson – Curator’s Choice Spring 2018

As an award-winning artist and son of famed Haida master Robert Davidson, Ben has carved out a significant career of his own. While a featured artist in our most recent Haida Masterworks III exhibition, he demonstrated his progressive style and imaginative interpretations on traditional forms. He brings together traditional customs and contemporary exploration in harmony, and incorporates non-traditional materials to do

Corrine Hunt – Curator’s Choice Winter 2018

Corrine Hunt's dual background as Kwakwaka'wakw and Tlingit creates a dynamic intertwine between her profoundly personal design ethic and a deep connection to her family's lineage. With a rich family history that includes internationally-renowned artists Henry Hunt, Richard Hunt and Tony Hunt, her most significant teach and mentor was her uncle Norman Brotchie who introduced her to the art of
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