• Nanuq: Life With Polar Bears

    $27.95 CAD

    Nanuq: Life with Polar Bears features gorgeous wildlife photography of polar bears alongside first-hand accounts of experiences of living alongside the great sea bear.

    From close encounters with angry bears to the beauty of watching a polar bear climb an iceberg with its claws and traditional mythology surrounding life with polar bears, this book gives readers outside the Arctic a first-hand look at what life with polar bears is really like.

    Photographs by Paul Souders


    Published: 2016


  • My Name Is Arnaktauyok

    Germaine Arnaktauyok & Gyu Oh

    $24.95 CAD

    Germaine Arnaktauyok is one of the Canadian North’s most prolific and recognizable artists. In this book, she tells the story of her life in her own words: her “very traditional Inuk life” growing up in Nunavut at a camp near Igloolik, and her experiences later in a residential school in Chesterfield Inlet; her education as an artist in Winnipeg and Ottawa; and her return to the North, where she continues to create drawings, etchings, and illustrations that have been featured in museums and galleries worldwide.

    She also provides commentary on several of her works, offering a seldom seen perspective on her inspiration and process. Featuring over one hundred full-colour reproductions of Germaine Arnaktauyok’s fascinating pieces from throughout her career, this beautiful book provides an in-depth look at one of the world’s most important artists.

    Published: 2015


  • Our Hands Remember: Recovering Sanikiluaq Basket Sewing

    $24.95 CAD

    Sanikiluaq, a small Inuit community in the Belcher Islands region of the Far North, has a long history of artistic output. But as the demand for stone carvings grew, grass basket sewing―once a traditional skill for Inuit women―faded from the community consciousness. That was until a group of women, including educator and artist Margaret Lawrence, came together to renew the lost art of basket sewing.

    In Our Hands Remember: Recovering Sanikiluaq Basket Sewing, Lawrence guides readers through creating their own grass baskets in the unique style of the Sanikiluaq region with step-by-step instructions and photographs. From tips on preparing the grass and forming even coils to the different types of embellishments, this book is accessible to all skill levels.


    Published: 2018


  • Inuksuit

    Norman Hallendy

    $35.00 CAD

    Inuksuit are amongst the oldest and most important objects placed by humans within the vast Arctic landscape. Beautifully photographed, this first comprehensive book tells about the Arctic Inuksuit as told by Inuit Elders.


    Published in 2001


  • Arctic Spirit: Inuit Art from the Albrecht Collection at the Heard Museum

    Ingo Hessel

    $65.00 CAD

    In one short decade, Dan and Martha Albrecht have put together one of the finest private collections of Inuit art ever assembled– nearly 4,000 pieces, most of which they generously donated to the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. In Arctic Spirit, writer and sculptor Ingo Hessel, the Albrechts’ main advisor, presents the best of these works, 190 sculptures, prints, drawings, and textiles, from prehistoric carvings to contemporary mixed media, and including works from Siberia, Greenland, Alaska, and the Inuit heartland of northern Canada.

    “Inuit art is free of Western artistic rules and conventions,” explain the Albrechts. “It comes from the heart and tells its stories in clear, unpretentious, uncluttered tones. It is truly of ‘the people’, their wisdom, their experience– and we have become believers.”

    Arctic Spirit is arranged according to major themes — the land, animals, everyday life, the supernatural — gathering together great works in different styles and materials. Short essays on Inuit culture, contemporary art, and the major artistic ‘schools’ of Inuit art complement the 200 colour colour photos. And close to half of the extensive text is in the words of the artists, more than thirty of whom have provided lengthy commentaries and autobiographical details especically for this publication.

    Published in 2006


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