• Bear & Wren Pendant

    David Neel

    $4,800.00 CAD

    14K Yellow Gold, Platinum, Engraved

    The Bear and the Wren are two figures who play significant roles in the oral history of Northwest Coast. The Bear is one of the most important figures in crest and shamanic art, and is referred to as the Master of the Forest and the Elder Kinsman. Bears are considered to be a close relation to mankind, and are therefore seen as the link between the human and non-human realms, or between the natural and the supernatural. As a crest figure, the Bear symbolizes courage, strength, authority and learned humility.

    Although the Bear is featured in many legends and superstitions on the Northwest Coast, the Wren is a much less common figure in oral tradition. Alongside the Raven, the Otter, and the Mink, the Wren was one of the first creatures to exist in the beginning of the world. Due to its magical and spiritual qualities, the Wren was associated with eliminating many of the creatures on earth. It is most commonly depicted on masks, often with the features of both human and bird.

    According to the oral traditions of the Pacific Northwest Coast, there was once a confrontation between the Bear and the Wren. One day, both creatures were out in the forest when the Bear decided to bully the Wren. The Bear bragged about his larger size, threatening to crush the Wren. Undaunted, the Wren gathered up a few twigs, and flew inside of the Bear through his nose. Once he reached the Bear’s stomach, the Wren started a fire and quickly flew out again. It was this story that inspired the imagery seen on this pendant.

  • Ḡax̄ (Raven) Pendant

    Lyle Wilson

    $4,800.00 CAD

    18K Yellow Gold, Platinum, Engraved, Textured, Chased, Repoussé

  • Killerwhale Ring

    Nelson Cross

    $3,200.00 CAD

    Platinum, Engraved
    Heavy Gauge
    Width: 5/16″
    Size: 5

  • The Swimmers Pin/Pendant

    Lyle Wilson

    $4,000.00 CAD

    Platinum, Abalone shell, Cast, Engraved, Textured
    Edition 14/14

  • Killerwhale Ring

    Landon Gunn

    $2,280.00 CAD

    Platinum, Engraved
    Width: 5/16″
    Size: 6.5

  • “Getting Things Right” Cockleshell Rattle Amulet with Hat Stand

    Gwaai Edenshaw

    Price upon request

    22K Yellow Gold, Platinum, Abalone shell, Cast, Engraved
    Includes Skil Hat Stand; Yew wood, Brass
    Edition 1 of 3

    5.25″ x 2.75″ x 2.75″ (including stand)

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