• Halibut Bowl

    Shawn Karpes

    $1,200.00 CAD

    Yellow Cedar wood

  • Otter Bowl

    Shawn Karpes

    $1,650.00 CAD

    Red Cedar wood, Abalone shell

  • Raven with Light Feast Bowl

    Lionel Samuels

    $12,600.00 CAD

    Argillite, Abalone shell

  • Frog Bowl

    Greg White Lightbown

    $1,650.00 CAD


  • Canoe Bowl

    Douglas David

    $2,200.00 CAD

    Red Cedar wood, Operculum shell, Acrylic paint

  • Man and Woman Dish

    Wilf J. Sampson

    $2,200.00 CAD

    Yellow Cedar wood, Abalone shell

  • Eagle Bowl

    Henry Venn Robertson

    $2,300.00 CAD

    Alder wood

  • Eagle Feast Dish

    Garner Moody

    $7,600.00 CAD

    Yellow Cedar wood


  • Beaver Fish Bowl

    Derek J. White

    $8,000.00 CAD

    Sterling Silver; Repousse, Engraved

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