• Eagle’s Play Glass Rattle

    Susan Point

    $6,800.00 CAD

    Hand blown glass, Red Cedar wood base

  • Chief Rattle with Killerwhale

    Kevin Daniel Cranmer

    $2,400.00 CAD

    Red Cedar wood, Acrylic paint, Abalone shell

  • Wild Woman Rattle with Dzunukwis (Wild Woman of the Sea)

    Kevin Daniel Cranmer

    $4,200.00 CAD

    Red and Yellow Cedar wood, Abalone shell, Acrylic paint

  • Salmon Rattle

    Joe David

    $4,500.00 CAD

    Alder wood, Acrylic paint

  • Shaman Rattle

    Joe David

    $4,000.00 CAD

    Alder Wood, Acrylic Paint

  • Bear Rattle

    Wilf J. Sampson

    $1,700.00 CAD

    Yellow Cedar wood, Abalone shell, Horse hair, Acrylic paint


  • Bear Spirit Rattle Pendant

    Barry Wilson

    $1,700.00 CAD

    Sterling Silver, Abalone Shell, Mastodon Ivory



  • Strawberry Breeze Rattle

    Isabel Rorick

    $7,500.00 CAD

    Spruce root, Alder dyed Spruce root, Yellow Cedar wood handle, Abalone shell, feathers, beads, Maple wood base

    Dimensions on stand: 6 x 9.5 x 4.5″


  • Balancing Feminine and Masculine Healing Rattle

    Angela Marston

    $2,600.00 CAD

    Red Cedar wood, Cedar bark, Rope, Acrylic paint

  • Owl and Human Spirit Rattle

    Barry Wilson

    $1,700.00 CAD

    Sterling Silver, Engraved, Abalone shell, Mastodon Ivory

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