• Killerwhale Sculpture

    James Johnny Jr.

    $3,800.00 CAD

    Yellow Cedar wood, Acrylic paint

  • Chief Walking Stick

    Wilf J. Sampson

    $1,600.00 CAD

    Yellow Cedar wood, Abalone shell

    Figures Eagle & Frog

  • Salmon Spoon

    Alvin Mack

    $3,400.00 CAD

    Alder wood, Acrylic paint

  • Eagle And Man Walking Stick

    Alvin Mack

    $4,900.00 CAD

    Yellow cedar, Abalone shell

  • Nolax’s (Sea Lion) Miya (Salmon) Journey

    Lyle Wilson

    Price upon request

    Marine Ivory, Abalone shell


    (Stand Included)

  • Halxinix (Orca) & Eel Sculpture

    Lyle Wilson

    Price upon request

    Marine Ivory, Abalone shell

  • Gax (Raven): Shamanic Version of Light

    Lyle Wilson

    Price upon request

    Marine Ivory, Abalone shell


    (Stand Included)

  • Raven Sun Star Born

    Steve Hansen

    $6,600.00 CAD

    Yellow Cedar wood, Acrylic paint

  • Gonagadet “Lazy Son-in-Law” Sculpture

    Andrew Williams

    $4,800.00 CAD

    Argillite, Abalone shell

  • 109. Gunarh and His Wife (Cast)

    Don Yeomans

    Price upon request

    Bronze cast

    Limited Edition 8 of 12

  • Numgis Helmet

    Wayne Alfred

    $6,200.00 CAD

    Alder wood, Acrylic paint

  • Killerwhale Sculpture

    Gryn White

    $8,500.00 CAD

    Argillite, Catlinite, Abalone shell, Ivory

  • Sisiutl Sculpture

    Shawn Karpes

    $2,950.00 CAD

    Red Cedar wood, Acrylic paint

  • Kwagul Sisiutl

    Kevin Daniel Cranmer

    $8,600.00 CAD

    Red cedar wood, Acrylic paint

  • Coastal Journey

    Susan Point

    $7,000.00 CAD

    Aluminum, Red Cedar wood, Acrylic paint

  • Eagle’s Play Glass Rattle

    Susan Point

    $6,800.00 CAD

    Hand blown glass, Red Cedar wood base

  • Freedom Vase

    Steve Smith

    $3,600.00 CAD

    Birch, Acrylic paint

  • Eagle from the Deep

    Tom Paul

    $1,750.00 CAD

    Red Cedar wood, Acrylic paint


    Tom Paul’s Eagle from the Deep is a beautifully and simplistically designed carving from one of the Nuu-chah-nulth nation’s foremost artists. This contemporary sculpture blends both modern and traditional elements. Tom’s depth of carving, precise painting, and eye for angle make this an expertly crafted piece.

    The subject of this piece is unique, for it holds personal significance to Tom. Below is a description of this relationship as told by Tom himself:

    “Early in the 1900 when my grand uncle was a young man – around 1929 – he heard there was a huge Eagle from the deep just outside of Friendly Cove. Fishermen from the cannery were excited and in a frenzy. They had never seen one before. At that time there were Irishmen working in the Nootka cannery and they harvested the Eagle from the deep on a Sunday. A female was also spotted and captured by the cannery workers. My uncle saw photos that they had taken and remembers that these animals were huge.

    As a young boy, my relative was out fishing with his father and he saw an Eagle from the deep. He said, ‘it was like it was flying though the water.’ It was swimming between the fishing boat and the stabilizer line – it was huge. He ran to get his father and they both looked at it. His father reached out to see if he could touch it but it quickly dove and swiftly disappeared. Eagle from the deep is known as A-wa-ta-sum and it comes around with the warm trade winds and the warming of the weather. It is often considered to be a giant sea turtle.”

     -Tom Paul, 2014

  • Shaman Sculpture

    Barry Scow

    $2,650.00 CAD

    Yellow Cedar wood, Acrylic paint


  • Gunarh and His Wife

    Don Yeomans

    Price upon request

    Yellow Cedar Wood

  • Raven Cod Lure

    Luke Marston

    $9,800.00 CAD

    Red Cedar wood, Yellow Cedar wood, Cedar bark, Copper, Stone, Acrylic paint


  • Peace Pipe

    Charles McKay

    $850.00 CAD

    Catlinite, Walnut wood, Bone

  • Eagle, Dogfish, Beaver & Frog Box

    Derek J. White

    Price upon request

    Sterling Silver, Argillite, Abalone shell, Mastodon Ivory, Repousse, Engraved

    This piece opens to reveal an inner box with relief engraving that echos the outer lid.

    Traditionally, boxes were considered prized possessions and customarily used to store wealth or special ceremonial objects such as masks, rattles, clothing and adornments. People often gave names to these beautiful ornate boxes, told stories about their histories and treated them as family heirlooms. However, non-decorated boxes acted as instruments of life – from storing less precious articles, to food and later used for mortuary purposes. In Haida mythology, a stack of boxes contained the essence from which Raven created the world.

    Eagle, Dogfish, Beaver and Frog Box retains its traditional elements through conception and imagery. Derek exhibits his mastery in his precision of line and perfect symmetry of the formline of this treasure. The gently angled lid with Abalone inlay, as well as the engraved and incised elements on the box is suggestive of the prototypic bent cornered wooden boxes and chests.

    The box contains not only depictions of four important crest animals, but connects to past traditions in which a box held more than the material object, it also linked people to their heritage, lineage and each other.

  • Beaver & Bear Box

    Derek J. White

    $8,000.00 CAD

    Sterling Silver, Argillite, Abalone shell, Engraved

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