A̲bumpa Kwikw (Mother Eagle) Necklace

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Sterling silver, Engraved
Lapis Lazuli in Bezel setting

Pendant Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.5″
Necklace Length: 24″

This amazing A̲bumpa Kwikw (Mother Eagle) Necklace was lovingly crafted by Corrine Hunt as a tribute to her late mother.

The grand pendant is divided into two components which, combined, take the form of a Copper Shield. The bottom portion of the pendant features a front-facing Eagle design, while the top portion is set with a stunning piece of lapis lazuli. Each of these components come together perfectly to produce a beautiful and stately jewelry masterwork.

While attending gem show in Tucson, Arizona, Corrine found this unique piece of lapis lazuli and immediately envisioned the top of portion of a copper shield. The opportunity to obtain a stone so perfectly suited to Northwest Coast art forms was impossible to pass up, so she purchased the lapis, as well as several other gemstones, with the intention of incorporating them into her 2021 solo exhibition – Kapiguxw’id: Iklegans dudakwo | Gathering: It’s good to see you [again].

While the shape of the stone reminded her of a Copper, the lapis itself reminded Corrine of her mother. According to the artist, she absolutely loved lapis lazuli – especially in jewelry. In fact, when Corrine received her paycheque from her very first job, the first thing she spent her hard-earned money on was a lapis ring for her mother. Her fondness for the stone is what inspired Corrine to create a necklace in her honour.


In stock

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