Bag’ana (Skatefish) Bracelet

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Sterling Silver, Engraved, Textured


1 x 6.25"

$2,000.00 CAD

Only 1 available

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Sterling Silver, Engraved, Textured


“The Bag°ana (skatefish) has become one of my favourite characters because it is a strange looking creature that has a beautiful, sculptural shape that is perfectly adapted to the depths of the ocean. Historically, the solid circle, surrounded by a separate fine-line, on a young Bag°ana’s wings has been credited with the start of the famous Pacific Northwest Coast Ovoid shape.

Fascinated, I’ve paid homage to the skatefish’s shape and history in an earlier painting of mine. The up-dated look of this bracelet features two skatefish hovering over a circular eyespot (in the middle), while the more rectangular form of a classical ovoid can be seen at both ends.”

-Lyle Wilson, 2016

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