Framed Beaver Swimming Print by Northwest Coast Native Artist Norman Tait

Beaver Swimming [Framed]

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Serigraph, Edition of 95


The Beaver appears in Northwest mythology and is a family crest in many regions throughout the Northwest Coast. According to legend, the first Beaver was a woman, whose husband frequently went on long hunting and fishing trips.  In his absence, his lonely wife took solace swimming, enlarging her pond with a dam and building her own water dwelling. Eventually, she transformed into a Beaver and their children were Beaver People, founding the Beaver lineage. In mythology, they are often associated with the powerful undersea supernatural beings and the magic Giant Beaver can cause natural disaster with one slap of its wide, strong, tail. Characteristically, the Beaver is known to keep to himself and cares little for the activities of humans, except when they are directly affected. Thus, they often give wise advice so it is important to listen when they do decide to speak.


28.25 x 34 x 1"

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