Dogfish Berry Basket

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Cedar Bark, Acrylic paint

Painted by Alfred Adams

Merle is a Haida Weaver and Regalia artist from Haida Gwaai, BC, Canada. San’laa gudgaang is her Haida name and Yaguu’janaas is the name of her affiliated clan. She uses Cedar Bark, Spruce Root, and Sewn Regalia as her mediums. Merle’s grandmother, Isabella Edenshaw, and mother, Florence Davidson, were both weavers, while her grandfather, Charles Edenshaw, was a master carver, and her father, Robert Davidson Sr., was a carver in his own right. Merle received her traditional training under her mother and two of her sisters, as well as under Haida weavers April and Holly Churchill.

10 x 11 x 11" (25.4 x 27.94 x 27.94cm)


Only 1 available

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