Red Cedar Wood Killerwhale Carved Panel by Northwest Coast Native Artist Don Yeomans

Celtic Killerwhale Panel

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Red Cedar wood, Acrylic paint

I began incorporating Celtic knotwork with Northwest Coast design in 1992. At the time, it was the beginning of the trend of embracing ones’ native ancestry – an annoying thing for those of us who have always been native. In protest, I decided to embrace my Scottish surname and feature Celtic knotwork in my work.
In principle, native design and knotwork are very compatible in that both styles deal with an energy that seeks to flow back on itself. I thought that incorporating an undulating formline in the split Killerwhale in this piece would show the similarity in the energy [between the two styles].” – Don Yeomans

42 x 42 x 2" (106.68 x 106.68 x 5.08cm)


Only 1 available

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