Conception: Zygote in Telophase I (Gold) Print by Northwest Coast Native Artist April White
Native Art Print
Native Art Print

Conception: Zygote in Telophase I – Gold

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Serigraph on Handmade Cedar bark paper, Edition of 50



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8 x 8" (20.32 x 20.32cm)


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All Haida are of either Raven Clan or Eagle Clan. It is a matrilineal system where one follows the clan of their mother and where a marriage must be to the opposite clan. Conception, the beginning of new life starts with the joining of these two. In this image, the captured instant is of the Human Zygote in Telophase, its final stage of mitosis. The parents’ cell begins its division into two identical cells with each having a reorganized nucleus. Here Raven DNA is only recognizable by a long straight beak and Eagle DNA by a curved beak.

Cedar, Ts’uu has defined the people of the Northwest Coast as an integral part of life. The next generations were born on a cedar mat and one’s passing from this world was honoured by interment in a cedar mortuary pole bearing matrilineal crests. The cedar tree was pivotal to the Haidas’ creative spirit through giving freely of itself. Using handmade cedar bark paper as the substrate for this image allows it to become the underlying essence of the art itself….. Cedar’s Supernatural Spirit continues to provide generously.” – April White

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