Eagle Feast Dish

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Yellow Cedar wood

A ceremonial dish, also known as a feast dish or potlatch dish, was a treasured heirloom which families brought out for great feasts as a gesture of hospitality and welcoming. Presently, many ceremonial dishes are carved in miniature form, meant for collectors who appreciate the historic and symbolic value behind each artwork. This aspect of the art is considered to be a contemporary turn that northwest coast native art has taken throughout the years.

Garner began carving at the early age of nine and, by age fifteen, he was carving his first piece of argillite. After moving to Vancouver in 1987, he spent the next two years working with renowned Haida artist Bill Reid on his Lootaas canoe and alongside a host of accomplished carvers such as Alfred Collinson, Rufus Moody, Giitsxaa, Nelson Cross, and Ding (Melvin) Hutchingson. Moody works in various mediums including cedar, gold, argillite and paper – all exemplifying his exquisite attention to detail and extraordinary artistic skills.


8 x 26.5 x 15.5" (20.32 x 67.31 x 39.37cm)


Only 1 available

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