Wood and Abalone shell Eagle Panel by Northwest Coast Native Artist Moy Sutherland

Eagle Panel

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Red Cedar wood, Abalone shell, Acrylic paint

Moy Sutherland’s Eagle Panel constitutes a captivating depiction of a powerful Pacific Northwest Coast figure. By utilizing the full surface of the panel, Moy manages to display the Eagle figure in its entirety, and allows for an extraordinary level of detail throughout the piece. Combined with a unique shade of green and generous use of brilliant Abalone inlay, the final result is a remarkably striking work of art.

The Eagle is seen as a symbol of prestige, power, peace, wisdom and friendship. Eagles are one of the most prominent beings in the art and mythology of Pacific Northwest Coast Indigenous culture, and claim both honour and high stature. They are respected for their intelligence, grace, and power, and can be associated with freedom and lofty pursuits. In artwork, this creature can be easily recognized by its hooked beak.

Moy has learned his craft from both Kwakwaka’wakw and Nuu-chah-nulth artists, and has used this experience to broaden his understanding of all Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations’ art forms. Although he is very mindful of staying within the traditional rules and values of his culture, he strives to find ways to set himself apart from other artists. He enjoys exploring different media and he is refining his own unique style, both with modern and traditional techniques. For Moy, his art is very deeply rooted in his culture. He finds it both spiritually rewarding and educational.

36 x 36 x 2"

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Only 1 available

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