Elements of the Earth, Water (Artist Proof)

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Serigraph, Artist Proof Edition of 18



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“This series was designed as a portrayal of the universal elements in symbolic form, translated into Coast Salish design particular to the Coast Salish territory. Each piece was created specifically to represent the most common example of the element in Coast Salish lands.

Fire is depicted as the Sun, which shines on the land. Wate is depicted as the west coast icon, the Killerwhale. Air is depicted as the legendary creature, Thunderbird. Land is depicted in the pairing of the Eagle and the Salmon.

For the water element the most common and well-known creature of the sea in this territory is the witty Killerwhale, shown here with a smile and a blowhole, which sings the songs of the Killerwhale. The Killerwhale is much esteemed for its song and just the sight of it brings excitement and enthusiasm.” -Joe Wilson

11 x 14"

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