Empty Nest Oil Painting on Canvas by Northwest Coast Native Artist Trace Yeomans

Empty Nest

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Oil paint on Canvas



“I started painting this piece a few years ago. The idea came to me while I was sitting and thinking about how quiet it was the day after my youngest child left home. I felt a bit lost.

It was the first of many paintings I did that year. There are many hours of intricate twig detail but at the time, I was relieved to focus my attention on painting rather than being sad and missing my kids. This was one of the most time-consuming oil paintings I have ever attempted and took the longest to complete. Through it, I felt I regained my freedom to be creative and found myself in my art again.

The nest sits empty with complex twigs intertwining with each other. They represent all that I am as a mother intertwined with hope, worry, pride, sadness, and happiness for my kids. I’ve added a ghostly white Haida Raven overlooking the empty nest to represent myself.” – Trace Yeomans

40 x 30 x 1.5" (101.6 x 76.2 x 3.81cm)


Only 1 available

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