Salmon Print by Northwest Coast Native Artist Robert Davidson

Fisherman’s Delight

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Serigraph, Edition of 81



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“I went fishing with Reg and his friend Tom Wylie last summer. I was really taken because they were charged with excitement. They kept handing me a rod but I was just happy to watch because they were really interesting… When we went to the river to fish we were excited to know that we had replenished the food supply. Reg has constantly replenished the halibut and salmon supply for freezers in the village because he feels the need and so few people own boats.

The focus point in this piece of art is a Spring Salmon depicted with the face of Humanity. Traditionally, the native societies were established around fishing, hunting, and gathering. The most valuable resource was salmon. For thousands of years, salmon was the primary food source for the people on the Canadian Northwest Coast. As a result of overfishing came a time of scarcity. Salmon perished and humanity depended heavily on its return. Salmon is a powerful symbol of regeneration, prosperity, and renewal for the Haida people.
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⁠In the bottom right corner of this painting, Kuugan Jaad (also known as Mouse Woman) comes into sight. She is a character in many Haida legends. Mouse Woman is a supernatural being. She is the mother of Raven according to the mythology. She often appears in stories as a helper or advisor to those who are on a journey or to those who have crossed (or are about to cross) to another dimension (Spirit World or the unknown). She is highly respected as she offers great wisdom to restore order and balance. According to mythology, Mouse Woman can change shapes. She can be a big eyed mouse and change into a tiny human grandmother. However, in art, her appearance is mostly abstract.⁠
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When I’m creating a design, sometimes subconsciously Kuugan Jaad just appears in the art piece. Her form arises automatically during the creative process. It is striking because she is known to lend a helping hand to story characters in our legends.“ ~ Robert Davidson

30 x 30" (76.2 x 76.2cm)


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