Ḡax̄ & Gizawa (Raven’s Sun) Pendant

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18K Yellow Gold, Abalone shell, Engraved, Textured, Repoussé, Chased

“This is the story of Raven stealing the ‘Ball of Light.’ When the world was dark, Raven heard of a magical ball of light that an old chief owned. Raven decided to trick the old man and he did so by changing himself into a pine needle and floating into the chief’s daughter’s cup of water. She drank the pine needle along with the water, became pregnant, and Raven was reborn as a young boy. Eventually, the chief let his grandson (Raven) play with the Ball of Light (Moon). Raven escaped through the big-house’s smoke hole, turning his white feathers black from the soot in the process.

The Moon was heavy and Raven became too tired to fly. Rather than let the pursuing chief regain it, he chose to throw the Moon into the sky. Ever since then, the ‘Ball of Light’ has been his gift to mankind. This story has also served as a metaphor for the beginning of human consciousness on the Pacific Northwest Coast.

On this pendant, the Raven occupies the corona, while the central face represents the ‘Ball of Light.'”

-Lyle Wilson, 2016

1.25 x 1.25"

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