Hecate Strait Scarf – State I

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100% Silk; Limited Edition of 100

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“Hecate Strait is a wide but shallow strait between Haida Gwaii (formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands) and the mainland of British Columbia.  Hecate Strait, because it is so shallow, is especially susceptible to violent storms and weather; therefore, has always been revered by the Northwest Coast First Nations Peoples.

The shallow waters make it an abundant place for marine life, especially for spotting Orcas and Humpback Whales breaching.

In this scarf design, I’ve illustrated the turbulent waters, abundance of Orcas, and Salmon.

Orcas are great guardians of the ocean, with Seals as slaves and Dolphins as warriors.  Orcas are closely related to humans; I was told many legends as a child of the whale people and their villages beneath the sea.

Salmon are a symbol of abundance, wealth and prosperity because Salmon are the primary food source for the people of the Northwest Coast.  It is also symbolic of dependability and renewal representing the provider of life.  Salmon in pairs are good luck.”

– Susan Point, 2018

16 x 70" (40.64 x 177.8cm)


In stock

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