Hummingbird & Basket Weave Bowl

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Porcelain, Engraved with Interior Glaze

The St’át’imc of the Interior Salish Nation were renowned for their basketry. Coiled baskets were crafted from peeled and split Red Cedar roots. These baskets were sewn so tightly that they could hold water, and with the addition of water to the absorbent material, the roots would expand and create an even stronger seal. Most Salish baskets were decorated in complex geometric designs and it is these motifs that Leach replicates on his ceramics.

This beautiful, tiny bird is common to the Northwest Coast of Canada and believed to represent not only beauty and love, but it also brings good luck and spiritual healing to anyone who comes into contact with it. Hummingbirds are associated with love, beauty, intelligence, and healing. Patrick often portrays the hummingbird surrounded by a flowering tree.

4 x 5 x 5"

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Only 1 available

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