Framed Iinang Xaadee Herring People - Jaadaa Young Woman II Print by Native Artist April White

Iinang Xaadee – Jaadaa (Young Woman) II [Framed]

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Serigraph, Edition of 55



“For my ancestors, the primary purpose of art is to unveil a parallel reality that is visible only in our minds—to share a glimpse of Supernatural Beings, with the world of Human Beings. Educated in science and with a spirit drawn to art, I see Earth as one great Being—with rock as a skeleton and running water as veins and arteries, great oceans as hearts—sustaining ecosystems. All as an interconnected biome—a web of life living, at least on the surface, symbiotically… as prey, and as predator.

Iinang Xaadee—Herring People play a vital role in the ecosystem. They nurture, feed, give of themselves to keep beings alive in all realms— undersea, earth, and sky. When balance prevails, Herring People gather to dance in their great longhouse in such great numbers and with such vigour that the atmosphere overhead reverberates with their excitement. Now, Human Beings see Herring solely as a resource, blinded, not seeing their true value, only seeing monetary gain at the expense of the whole.” – April White

12 x 26 x 1" (30.48 x 66.04 x 2.54cm)


Only 1 available

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