Killer Whale on SGang Gwaay II Print by Northwest Coast Native Artist April White
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Native Art Print

Killer Whale on SGang Gwaay II

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24 x 18" (60.96 x 45.72cm)


Only 2 available

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“On the southwestern tip of Haida Gwaii is an island called SGang Gwaay (Red Cod Island) where, nestled on its east coast, is the most secluded of all major Haida villages. Originally known as Red Cod Island Town, it became known as Ninsints after the name of the last great Kunghit Haida Chief Nan Sdins.

A mortuary post stands out amongst others with a carved Killer Whale, baring his pointed teeth, dominating the sculpture. The front plaque has now fallen away revealing a chamber, while vestiges of a small human figure between its fins and tail and a small whale with three potlatch cylinders above its head are now left to the imagination. It stands to give voice to a prominent family member of “Those Born in the Southern Part of the Islands” House. – April White

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