Moon Amulet

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Red Cedar wood, Abalone shell, Copper

The Moon controls tidal changes and illuminates the dark sky.  In many Nations the Raven is attributed for the gift of the Moon. Depending on the Nation, it is said that the Moon is the Sun’s partner, each being halves to a greater whole. Additionally, the Moon is associated with transformation and is regarded as an important protector and guardian spirit. Due to its mystical powers, Shamans sometimes call upon it as a spirit guide. Although not a common crest, it was exclusively the crest of a few highest-ranking Chiefs among the Haida nation and still remains their hereditary right today.

Tom Eneas’s Moon Amulet reflects the Moon’s highly regarded innate spiritual powers. Carved from the spiritually endowed Red Cedar tree, this Moon Amulet is instilled with the beautiful decorative Abalone Shell which appears as the Moon’s illumination. Abalone Shell traditionally often referenced a high-status woman. This traditional work illustrates the more lucid southern carving style, in which the humanized Moon face’s shallow softer carving illuminates the wood’s grain providing the piece with strength and harmony.  Tom Eneas’s exquisite Moon Amulet encapsulates the Moon’s legendary spiritual grace.


2.25 x 2.25 x 5"

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