Northern Ties Wolf Print by Northwest Coast Native Artist Kelly Cannell
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Northern Ties [Framed]

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“The print is of 2 wolves with Salmon heads. It represents the ties between the strong bonded pack as well as the bond the Coast Salish have to Wolves. It is said by teachers we are one family with the Wolves.” –Kelly Cannell

The Wolf is seen as a symbol of patience, individuality, provider, unity, and family. Wolves are the most proficient hunters of the land animals. They were often sought as spirit aids by Hunters, in the hopes that they might confer that power onto humans. The Salish believed that Wolves were the reincarnated spirits of deceased hunters.

Salmon serve as a powerful symbol of regeneration, self-sacrifice and perseverance. These fish were essential to the health and livelihood of all coastal peoples. Shortages of Salmon are traditionally attributed to human disrespect and refusal to listen to and live by the wisdom of elders.

19.5 x 33.5 x 1.25"

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Only 1 available

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