Occupied Print by Northwest Coast Native Artist Robert Davidson

Occupied [Framed]

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Serigraph, Edition 12 of 88



Occupied was first a doodle for a thank-you card. I also couldn’t pronounce the plural ‘octopi.’ When you look at the map of Haida Gwaii there are red parts to indicate reserve land that we can occupy and it adds up to less than 0.1 percent. We have been corralled onto this tiny piece of land. There was a time when we needed to sign in and sign out to leave the reserve. And we had no rights to natural resources. When it was all taken away from us, 90 percent of the population died and the survivors’ children were kidnapped and taken to residential schools. Then we became wards of the state and we were labelled as lazy. We look at the photographs – fortunately they photographed all the villages before all this devastation – and they are lined with many totem poles. The totem poles were not created by lazy people.” – Robert Davidson

42 x 56.5 x 1" (106.68 x 143.51 x 2.54cm)

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