Cast Forton Octopus and Killerwhale Panel by Northwest Coat Native Artist Don Yeomans

Octopus & Killerwhale Panel

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Cast Forton

Limited edition of 12

I love carving Octopus. The fluid, long tentacles and suckers make it detailed and challenging. In this panel, my mind went back to childhood when I was totally curious about what was ‘bigger and stronger’. Could this animal win a fight with that animal? The books I read about the Giant Octopus and a story my dad once told me about a crew member who almost got taken by a large octopus that was blown on deck when they were fishing halibut in the Bering Sea. My Giant Octopus is taking on a Killerwhale in this panel – who wins? I no longer care. It is the struggle that captivates my imagination.

When I released a resin cast edition of this piece, a collector told me it was too violent. I said, ‘No, it’s not!’, and I punched him (just kidding!). Violence is what people do. Animals merely survive.” – Don Yeomans

35 x 35 x 2" (88.9 x 88.9 x 5.08cm)


Only 2 available

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