Ovoid Origin Sculpture

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Warlus tusk, Yew wood, Abalone shell

4 x 2.5 x 1.25" (10.16 x 6.35 x 3.18cm)


Only 1 available

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Warlus tusk, Yew wood, Abalone shell

“The Haisla call the skatefish Bag°ana. It’s a creature that lives in the deep, dark waters of the ocean and is seldom seen except by fisherman. It is an intriguing and mysterious creature with a very streamlined, sculptural shape. A young skatefish’s wings have a circular spot, encircled by a fine line, which has been credited with the beginnings of the famous Pacific Northwest Coast Ovoid. I believe the circle shape evolved further by elongating due to the influence of the white eyespot patch of an orca and the ovoid-shape of a skull’s empty eye-sockets. So this tiny sculpture’s back features an orca, while the front has a skatefish and human skull. Just below the Bag°ana, is a single Flicker-feather, which has been credited with the invention of the Split-U.”

-Lyle Wilson, 2016

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